Ano Delivery FAQ's

What do you deliver?

Ano Delivery will deliver from any restaurant in Ellensburg no matter if we are associated with it or not

Where does Ano Delivery Deliver?

Ano Delivery will deliver anywhere within Kittitas County, however, anything outside of Ellensburg will not be guaranteed

When can I access Ano Delivery?

Operating hours are:

Tues - Sun                   10am-8pm

Closed Mondays

Does Ano Delivery deliver groceries?

Yes! Ano Delivery will deliver groceries from any store that offers curbside pickup such as Fred Meyer, Safeway, Super 1, and Rite Aid. Just text us and let us know what time the groceries will be ready at least one hour prior to pickup time. Please do not schedule groceries to be picked up after 4pm since we tend to get busy with dinner orders at that time.

Does Ano Delivery deliver alcohol?

Only with Iron Horse Brewery at the moment. We are currently working on partnering with a few selection of restaurants that we will soon be able to deliver from. Follow us on social media for when we announce that we will be able!

How much does Ano Delivery Cost?


Delivery fee: $6.00 

Service Fee: A $1.75 fee will be charged due to rising costs.

Processing Fee: $1.00 charge for processing and charged for every $30 increment

Applicable Tax

Other additional fees that may apply:

Mileage Fee: $0.88 per mile from restaurant.

Manual Credit Card Entry Fee: $1.00 for credit cards that have to be manually entered

Multiple Restaurant Fee: $3.00

If you would like to order from more than one restaurant, a $3 fee will be charged per restaurant

Accommodation Fee: $3.00

A $3.00 Accommodation fee will be charged if orders are not able to be called in advance or if a drive thru takes over 10 min for a wait in line. 

Distance Fee: $3.00

A $3 distance fee will be charged if the mileage to deliver exceeds 7 miles to help compensate for the drivers time and gas

Restaurant Gratuity:

We will tip applicable restaurants 5% gratuity, $1 minimum. You may request us to tip more, or less, or none in the delivery instructions box.

Late Fee:

If we do not receive payment by the end of the day of your delivery or if your payment does not process successfully, there will be a 5% charge added onto the cost of your order. After 30 days, additional fees may apply.