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Subscription Delivery

Weekly meal delivery subscription

Select a family style meal from four different restaurants

Each meal will be delivered on every Wednesday for four weeks

Once your order has been submitted we will notify with confirmation and send an invoice to pay for the one month (4 week) subscription

If you would like to skip a week, we must be notified before the end of the day on Tuesday. Your subscription will be delayed until the following week and you will still receive 4 total meal deliveries


For your Information:


*All of our drivers are required to keep disposable gloves, hand sanitizer, and sanitizing wipes in their vehicles. If you have any specific delivery requests please do not hesitate to ask!

*If you have not used cashapp you may download using our code and you will receive instant $5 credit

 Click Here to Download Cashapp

Click on ANO What I Want to Finalize this order!

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